The latest spammy blog query

10 Mar

Brilliant article…

Karen R. Sanderson's Blog

Kenton washing carStop spraying the spam

I love it when a good example of a bad query falls into my lap. You betcha I’m gonna blog about it.

I got this email the other day – only the name has been changed to protect this “professional blogger.”

Her email to me

My name is Spamela and I’m a Professional Blogger. I have more than 3+ yrs of experience writing for the web and have covered plenty of interesting topics.

I came across your blog and was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to write relevant & useful topics on your blog at no cost.

At this point of my writing career, I simply want to get more visibility for my writing and I will write for free as long as you are fine with me adding a small author bio section following the blog post about myself.

Please let me know if…

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Make sure you trust people…

8 Mar

This is great…communication is what it’s all about!

My favourite weird words in pictures

7 Mar

I seem to be a bit of a fan of Mark Forsyth’s book ‘The Horologicon’! Here are some of the weird words from his book in pictures. I hope you enjoy and I challenge you to come up with some interesting sentences…go on, I know you can!

Weird words from Mark Forsyth's book 'The Horologicon'

Weird words from Mark Forsyth’s book ‘The Horologicon’

Borborygmi Bumbershoot Cataglottism Delphinesterian Dutch Feast Dysania Eleutheromania Frog March Fudgel Groke Grufeling Levee Opsony Perendinate Ploitering Quidnunc Shturmovshchina Skeuomorph Snecklifter Spitalfields Breakfast Theist White Sergeant Whitechapel Beau

Copyright – unknown. All words taken from ‘The Horologicon’ by Mark Forsyth

Why a good copywriting brief is vital

7 Mar

A good creative brief is without a doubt the single-most important thing to copywriting!

Trish Arnott − Spell-Bound

If you don’t have a good creative brief to work from and inspire you, you’ll struggle to satisfy your client and fail to deliver what they want and need.

For those who follow this blog, you’ll know that I’m now doing more copywriting than proofreading. It isn’t a hard transition; I love both proofreading and writing copy. However, my biggest help has been Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters.

Belinda gives me overflow copywriting work and writes an awesome creative brief. She spends time getting to know the client, the business and the business environment so we don’t have any surprises down the track.

Once I’ve read through one of her works of art, I’m fully prepared and can pretty much sit down and start writing. Of course, I do my own research to make sure I’m not going to parrot someone else’s words, but the brief is enough…

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The Bdelygmia

7 Mar

Another very interesting word…

Andy's Writing Tips


A bdelygmia (the ‘b’ is silent) is a list of negative qualities about a person, thing or place. It is a form hyperbole – over the top, exaggerating, usually just a little tongue in cheek. It’s a rant, more or less, one that the speaker or author is glad to get off his or her chest; moreover one he or she is positively enjoying.

For students required to produce persuasive or rhetorical writing, practicing a bdelygmia is a useful exercise. Be wary, however: a bdelgmia may look like a spontaneous outpouring of the writer’s thoughts, but you can be sure that the writer is structuring his or her sentences very carefully indeed; if anything, this kind of writing will be more carefully structured than most others.

Parting Shots is full of examples of carefully tailored rants – this is a book, you’ll remember, written by ambassadors at the point at…

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To hire a proofreader or not to hire a proofreader? That is the question…

4 Mar
Perhaps a proofreader is needed?

Perhaps a proofreader is needed?


I often get asked the question of whether an organisation or an individual should hire a proofreader. In today’s day and age, budget is always the defining factor and quite frankly many small businesses can’t afford it. However, these businesses should perhaps consider reputation management.

Think about yourself as an individual, trawling the net for information on a product or service. You come across different sites that are offering the same thing, but how do you choose who to get in touch with?

As we all know, first impressions count and can be lasting. In our age of speed a business has about 10 seconds to make that impression to a potential client.

You click-through to the first site which is simple, clean, easy to understand and is well written. You keep that in your armour of potentials.

As you click-through to the next site there is a surprise waiting for you. It is simple and clean but difficult to understand and is littered with errors. How do you feel about this site? I’m guessing not too impressed. It shows a lack of attention to detail and can come across as a lack of caring as well. If their website is littered with errors what does that say about their quality of work? They are crossed off the list of potentials immediately.

Proofreading is always important to maintaining that critical first impression, so consider hiring a proofreader as part of your budget.

If you are a cash strapped small business and don’t have the budget perhaps ask a friend to cast a quick glance over your copy? It is unlikely that all errors will be caught, but it can be a cheaper way of getting a second set of eyes on your work. Not everybody can be a proofreader, but this could help you in the interim while you’re making your millions! Once you get to a point of being able to afford a service like this, it should be a critical part of your budget process.

What are your thoughts on hiring proofreaders? I would like to hear. Watch out for my next post of whether you should hire a copywriter or not.

Image copyright belongs to Mark Parisi

So does inbound marketing work?

1 Mar

As savvy consumers, we are constantly dodging sales reps…well at least I know I do. I subscribe to the Hubspot blog, which quite frankly is fantastic!

Today they sent out a post about avoiding sales reps and congratulating their clients for avoiding them! They then suggested they explore the options by themselves. This is an absolute nod for inbound marketing. It’s brilliant…enjoy!

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