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If you can get this excited about your marketing…you’ve got it made!

7 Feb


Let’s spread some happiness…

10 Jan


This blog post was inspired by a proofreading colleague of mine, Lindsay McLoughlin. She recently wrote a blog titled ‘Ah, Happiness Engineers’ . This was one of those articles that got the old brain matter working!

Imagine spreading happiness wherever you go? Now that would be a job worth taking on.

Lindsay specifically came across a ‘Happiness Engineer’ from WordPress…and guess what? He spread the happiness by fixing her problem quickly and, no doubt, with a smile on his face.

I am currently involved in a Branding Strategy project with a great company. While I’ve been sifting, reading and researching, one thing has really stood out for me…the happiness factor is a great thing to give and receive. This could be in our personal lives or our business lives. Spreading happiness in a working day to a client is the pot of gold. The moments in my day where I read an article or see a picture that shares the happiness factor, are memorable. On the other hand, I have filtered out a lot of negative – in my case specifically politics! It’s not realistic to filter out all negativity, as quite frankly this is part of life, but I do so love my happiness moments.

Recently I was implementing an online campaign involving market research organisations and I came across the title of ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ – it stood out, I remembered it and immediately thought to myself…I want to be one of those. I want to spread happiness!

‘Happiness Engineer’ and ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ have already been booked, so I’ve dreamed up a new title for myself…Happiness Guru! I think it has a nice ring to it and I can have some fun. I’m pretty sure this spot has also been taken, so I’ll just live with it internally. However, what I do hope to achieve is spreading a bit of happiness in every interaction with my clients, my colleagues and my friends. My new mantra – SPREAD THE LOVE AND THE HAPPINESS!

Have a very happy day!

My journey to fulfillment…

8 Jan

Have you ever sat down and had a long hard look at your career? How did you get there? Where to next? What have you achieved? What are you going to achieve next?

I have a long working career behind me (I won’t say how long as that might give my age away!) and I’m often drawn into my self reflections. In my pursuit for happiness I always ask myself “Am I doing what I love?”

Over the years, especially the awkward young adult new to the world stage, I can’t say I loved what I was doing. I was still finding myself and wasn’t paying much attention to what I enjoyed and what I was good at. I got caught up in the action and just got the job done. It was only a bit later in life, as obviously age gives us a huge amount of wisdom, that I started to consider myself. I went through the where to next, what now and what should I be doing scenarios and quite by accident I stumbled on what I love. As Confucius says “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. For years I treated this little pearl of wisdom as yeah, yeah whatever. Clearly he had no idea about working!

But once you get there it’s pretty darn great!

So it might sound a bit weird…yep, but working with words is really what I love doing. I know, I know…of course she’s going to say that as she’s plugging her services. Well a bit of a shameful yes, but also a resounding no…I truly am doing what I love.

This long, journey was a bit of a happy accident quite frankly. How I got here was a bit strange, but I was obviously meant to. My career really got off the ground in my 11 years in the UK – I was given amazing opportunities that I just ran with and taught myself a lot in that time. About 80% of my career has been in publishing – which was a chosen industry on my behalf. Throughout my years in marketing, working in publishing involved many other things besides just marketing my product. I was involved in content creation, copywriting, editing and proofreading. These were all part of a bigger role. Our Managing Editor always used to call me the ‘eagle eye’ as I was a pretty good spotter!

Years went by and in every single role I was heavily involved in communications and my lifelong passion, the written word. This little fling I’ve had, dates way back to my school years…and yes I can remember them! I wasn’t particularly studious at school, but English always captured my imagination and I would spend hours crafting and learning.

After having a child we decided to move back to South Africa and this is where things really started to change for me. I was presented with freelance opportunities involving content management, content creation, proofreading and copywriting all under the marketing umbrella. At first I approached it in a very typical marketing manner, but soon came to realise that it wasn’t quite the same.  Without me even realising it, I made a transition from pure marketing to a content driven role – which involved the written word. It kind of snuck up behind me and whacked me on the head before I realised that this is what I really enjoy. As I kept getting repeat jobs, I assumed that I was pretty good at it.

Marketing still underpins the very nature of content, so I happily get to do my written word work, sprinkled affectionately with a good dose of marketing skill and expertise.

That’s my happy accident journey – I would love to hear from you how you landed up where you are and if you’re doing what you love?

I always think of one thing…we only have one life and we better live it well!

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