Put More Fun in Your Marketing

26 Mar

Oh yes…hear, hear!


For many marketers and organizations there is a strong tendency to take everything very seriously.  This is business, after all, and we must fight every day to survive.  Business has often been likened to warfare and we can all recognize that where survival is in the balance there is scant opportunity for levity and humor.
And yet, a number of businesses, brands and research are showing us that a sense of humor or – better yet – a willingness to poke fun at oneself can actually be good for business.
Quick Case Study #1
A recent study by Forbes Insights assessed potential disconnects between brands and consumers.  They surveyed 250 marketing executives and over 2,000 consumers on the types of advertising that best caught attention.  Interestingly, there was a significant diffence between the type of advertising that consumers found most memorable vs. marketing executives.  No fewer than two thirds of…

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