My favourite weird words in pictures

7 Mar

I seem to be a bit of a fan of Mark Forsyth’s book ‘The Horologicon’! Here are some of the weird words from his book in pictures. I hope you enjoy and I challenge you to come up with some interesting sentences…go on, I know you can!

Weird words from Mark Forsyth's book 'The Horologicon'

Weird words from Mark Forsyth’s book ‘The Horologicon’

Borborygmi Bumbershoot Cataglottism Delphinesterian Dutch Feast Dysania Eleutheromania Frog March Fudgel Groke Grufeling Levee Opsony Perendinate Ploitering Quidnunc Shturmovshchina Skeuomorph Snecklifter Spitalfields Breakfast Theist White Sergeant Whitechapel Beau

Copyright – unknown. All words taken from ‘The Horologicon’ by Mark Forsyth


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