1 Mar

This is so true…well worth a read!

Mark Blackmon

sully-newdishThis is an excellent piece from Sullivan. It is an indictment of the Republicans in general and the Romney campaign in particular, but it’s an important marketing point that cannot be overlooked.

Stuart Stevens, lead strategist for Romney’s 2012 campaign, rightly disagrees with the idea that Mitt lost because of social media. His organizational haplessness (yes, he was supposed to be the guy who knew how things worked) didn’t help, but it was his awful 1980s doctrines from a brain-dead party that brought him down.

I’m not denying that in the slightest, but that’s only the introduction. Here’s the meat:

In this fourth decade of the Internet, one of the original truisms is still true: Content is king. The ugly, clunky Drudge Report site still harvests record numbers of eyeballs because it serves up a hearty meal at a good price: free. The content rule is true across mediums. How many…

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