8 Feb


Integrated Marketing is the thing .

Day 4-5, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is fairly new concept in the Marketing Academia although it had been fully or partially practiced before, however it is supposed to be formally theorized in 1980 (Larry Percy, 2008) Every marketers more or less agrees about the importance of IMC and believe it should be practiced in real life, however very few successfully implement it. There could be a numerous reason behind it. In my opinion the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication seems to be so obvious that everybody took it for granted, never really sat down and planed it thoroughly from creation of IMC to its execution.
IMC is very important in order to create and reinforce marketing campaign toward general or targeted customer. It helps to reap maximum benefit from all the communication channel that business has at its disposal. Furthermore, IMC strategy should circle around your customer addressing their need…

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