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20 Feb

Great article on creating the perfect e-mail campaigns…it is always important to put your customers as the heart and soul of all campaigns


Whatever e-mail marketing campaign you create, your ultimate goal would be to convert prospects to sales – sales to clients – clients to repeat loyal purchasers. Without conversions, you can’t construct your company’s future. Any effective campaign should be built with different practical first step toward research, creativeness, testing and price. There’s not one solution. A great marketing mix must contain many options, like a 401K investment plan consists of a varied portfolio.

E-Mail Marketing

Step #1 – Know your Target Audience: Digital marketplace is stuffed with gimmicks, sales, and promises on fulfilling everyone’s desires and needs. To effectively compete within this digital arena, you have to completely understand and know your customer’s census and purchasing preferences. Every wise internet marketer recognizes that you can’t stereotype when marketing. You will find many subsets for each group specific, in addition to exceptions. Its not all message you signal will have a similar impact…

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20 Feb

Wonderful video…copywriters are absolutely critical in the age of content marketing!

sjc copywriting solutions

In everything we do to create the perfect marketing strategy, it’s all based on quality content. That content was born of copywriting. For that reason, this is still my favorite video produced by the SJC team. It’s quick – I hope you take a minute and enjoy. If you do, please share it across your networks.

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Foster the People, Pumped up Kicks…just gets me going…enjoy

19 Feb
19 Feb

What a wonderful quote…

Ampersands and Erasers

Happy Monday and President’s Day everyone! I hope everyone had a day off.

This week I’m back with an A&E quote. This quote resonates with me, so I definitely wanted to share it with you guys in hopes you’ll find something meaningful for you.

A&E is almost like a journal for me but not really. It’s more of a journal for you guys and others who may be hiding. Most people start blogs after they reach a certain position or have a x number of years in Advertising. I wanted to share my journey as I work (in real time) to break into the Ad industry, so maybe one day someone will read this blog and be able to utilize something to benefit them.

Breaking into this industry isn’t easy and at times it’s not hard to hang tough. However there are those specific times where quitting or giving in…

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19 Feb

Customers are without a doubt king…great infographic!

Jumpset Strategies

At the risk of sounding like a country song, I declare:

Customers are the heart of your business. When they leave, they take a little piece of your heart with them.

Think of social media marketing like the dating scene. Imagine a date with someone you’ve wanted to get to know. They’re attractive, have a great personality, and have money to spend.

Of the following two scenarios which is most likely to lead to a long-term relationship?

Scenario #1:

You shower them with attention, make them feel special, attend to their needs, and show appreciation for their company. You say you’ll call the next day and you keep your word.

Scenario #2:

You incessantly talk about yourself, dismiss their needs, and spend your time focused on everything but them. Afterwards, you tell them you’d like to see them again but you don’t call. You ignore their calls, texts, postings, tweets, and emails.

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10 tips to keeping your head above the content marketing wave

19 Feb

Outsourcing stress

We all know that content marketing is a critical part of any marketing plan but quite frankly the sheer volume can be overwhelming. I’m currently creating a Marketing Strategy for a small business and naturally content is a large part of the plan. However, the creation of this content is time-consuming and needs to be well thought through.

The problem, especially for small businesses, is making it work and keeping your head above the content marketing wave. Here are my top 10 tips on coping. If you’ve got any tips to add, please let me know.

  1. Create a content strategy – this is a critical part of content marketing. Align the content strategy to your brand as well as your target market. Use any information that you have about your customers and potential customers. Analyse your current social media interactions and see what works and what doesn’t. Also, it is very important to set objectives for your content marketing – what do you want to achieve? Please see the infographic below, created by David Colgate,
  2. Decide on your content channels – you don’t have to be everywhere all at once. Understand what works for your business and stick to it. It is pointless being on Facebook, for example, if you’ve been going at it for ages and are getting nothing back. Pick your channels carefully in terms of what will deliver the best results for your business.
  3. Create a content calendar – this is a really critical step to surviving! Look at your social media channels, your competitors’ social media channels and let this guide you in creating your content calendar. This will give you some real insight into what the market craves in terms of information. A content calendar is a great planning tool. Remember quality is far more important than quantity, although of course you do need to be active in you social spaces. It is very important to remember that this plan needs to be fluid…you don’t want to stick to it like a fly and miss opportunities based on news and trends amongst others.
  4. Staff up – make sure you have the resources to be able to deal with creating the content – whether it be articles, press releases or infographics to name a few. Consider using staff and client interviews as well as testimonials for additional content that is easy to access and makes your brand more personal. If you’re able to handle the load in-house, that’s fantastic. Alternatively, hire freelance professionals to handle some of the content that you’re unable to get done.
  5. Support – follow loads of other businesses in the social media arena within your industry or for specific clients you would want to target. This is a way to get your name noticed and to encourage people to follow you on social media too.
  6. Share, share, share – this is a great way of creating content but not actually writing it yourself. If you see tweets, updates or posts that are great, share them – reblog, retweet, share on Facebook. Shares get you noticed. Share something, give credit and add a bit of your own opinion.
  7. Get guest bloggers – ask experts within your industry to guest blog for you. This is a great way of getting some excellent content out there.
  8. Join groups – join groups on LinkedIn and keep the conversation going. Ask questions, put your opinion forward and engage. This is also a fantastic way to get noticed and to position yourself as an expert
  9. Be active – don’t leave your Social Media accounts just hanging out there, keep them active, respond to comments and make sure you spend at least half an hour a day working on it
  10. Comment – always comment on various Social media platforms…get noticed.

Content Strategy

16 Feb

Some great tips in here…

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