A proofreader with a difference…

2 Jan
This is me...

This is me…

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Plain and simply…I am a copywriter, proofreader and editor with an absolute passion for the written word and creating words that work. To make my words even more powerful, I have over 19 years of experience in marketing, direct marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), segmentation and publishing to name a few. So, when I start a job, I’m able to input from a strategic perspective to ensure that the messages are absolutely spot on and working hard for your brand! When it comes to proofreading and editing I have a vast array of experience within many different industry sectors.

I write content, proofread or edit anything from blogging, facebook, website articles, manuals, corporate brochures, toolkits, advertising, theses and then some.

After being in marketing for so long, I reflected on where my career has been and where it’s gone – what an awesome ride. I realised that quite by chance I was doing something that I was always meant to do, and this was where I was always meant to be. I am truly lucky to be able to do something that I love.

I have worked in the UK for major corporates and in South Africa managing content for various projects. I have a breadth of experience from consumer copy to business copy with a strong focus on targeting, segmentation, strategy and making sure messages stick and engage with customers.

Who have I worked with?

  • British Sky Broadcasting
  • British Telecommunications
  • Redwood Publishing
  • Caxton Magazines
  • Ogilvy One
  • Primedia
  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • SANParks
  • National Heritage Council
  • www.babeeze.co.za
  • Resource Africa
  • Local Enterprise Authority
  • Small Business Development Agency

Each of these projects have given me insight and experience with many different markets…


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